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Renovating often involves modifying divisions in the interior whether it be an addition, removal or repair of a partition. We must take into consideration that these walls are sometimes structural and that their modification could have an impact on the internal structure. Small or very large damage could result from any deficiency on the structure since it is the skeleton of the building.

Massive concrete, steel, wood, glass or concrete blocks, among others, can form the structure of the interior walls. Before undertaking any project, it is imperative to consider the characteristics and constraints specific to each type of structure.

Replacing structural elements by other support is critical when moving or removing a partition. Depending on the desired effect, we can put up a finished wall to camouflage them, or leave them in plain sight. The structure must be strengthened in proportion to the weight it needs to carry. A simple ceiling change, for example, from regular to cathedral, involves work within the structure.

A building supports various stress loads over the years. The resistance of its structure and the quality of its efficiency are affected. It is important to stabilize and fill the land if it is no longer level. If this is not done, the quality of the other repairs will be affected.

Any structure that has been exposed to a disaster or breakage must be replaced or repaired (for example: following a flood, early stages of an electrical fire, broken pipes, water damage, etc.).

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