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Aesthetic and necessary, stairs are required in every building and must remain ergonomic, safe and useful. Made with a variety of materials (wrought iron, aluminum, steel, concrete, stone, wood, granite, marble, composite materials, etc.), they serve to climb floors and can also include other materials (plexiglass, composite glass, steel cables, grills, planks, brick, composite or metal tubes, etc.).

Various models can be used for stairs (turning, arched, angled, circular, straight, etc.), they may or may not include a hand ramp and are located in residential spaces or large halls. In commercial or industrial spaces stairs can be located inside cages or in closed areas so that they are protected from fire. Stairs are either fabricated on site or delivered as-is ready for installation.

This type of work is in need of specialists as the construction requires precision and compliance with strict rules. Manufacturing defects must also be avoided such as a missing step, lack of symmetry or an unlevel staircase. Our expertise will ensure compliance and ensure that you avoid insurance costs.