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Interior Doors

Whether it’s sliding doors, French doors, security doors, decorative or firewall doors, controlled access doors, etc., they represent an essentail element in any building. Doors are constructed in a multitude of materials including: composite, PVC, steel or wood, to name a few. Installing doors in a new building doesn’t usually cause a problem, however in an older building it can be much more complex. Adjustments are required to ensure proper closure. Installing a sliding door at a residence requires specifications to ensure that the wall can hold it.

With respect to industries and businesses, steel doors are usually required and demand specialized labour for installation. Some specific cases require isolating sections of the building with airtight and watertight doors.

It is imperative to hire experts who have the expertise required to ensure proper opening/closing of the doors as well as the ability to respect the aesthetics of the location. Rely on YP Renovation who have the expertise to adjust your doors perfectly.