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Floors and Finishing

Underneath the visible simplicity of a floor lies a great deal of logistics. The floor must be able to withstand vibrations and movements while supporting continuous weight at specific points. Wear resistance, cold insulation, soundproofing and step noise absorption are all vital criteria for floors.

The specific needs and type of flooring will determine the complexity of the process required. For example, a laminate wood floor or carpet will prove much easier to install than a heated floor, just like solid wood is more complex to install than the laminate wood floor. Installation of a glass floor or platform require a worker with specific expertise and extensive experience.

When choosing a type of flooring, much thought also needs to be put into the structure that will support it. A home requires less load capacity than a business or industry, and a marble floor will be heavier than a ceramic tile floor. The preparation process must be followed impeccably to ensure the ability to accomodate the floor covering. Laying tiles will involve a more complex preparation process than laying carpet, for example.

Structures linked with load capacity can vary greatly. There are of course massive wood beams and joists, but also wood ''L'' beams, laminated beams, etc. Concrete on steel decks, reinforced cast concrete, steel beams, steel joists and pre-stressed concrete slabs are other possible options.

Floor platforms or platforms built directly on the floor, theater stages, dance floors, fashion show podiums, raised factory floors, glass floors or traditional floors (floating floor, ceramic, solid wood, terrazzo, parquet, linoleum tile, concrete, marble, paint granite, mats, etc.) regardless of the size of your work, the ''Toolbox'' takes care of everything.