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Expansions and Extensions

Moving to a new home requires a significant financial investment. Changing neighbourhoods and environments requires adaptations that we often prefer to avoid. If you already have a great location, instead of relocating, why not expand?

What is becoming increasingly common in the residential sector is expansion into the multi-generational mode. Commercial buildings tend to expand in height while industrial buildings expand in width.

The least complex of various expansion methods is the use of little-used areas like the basement or the attic, among others. One bedroom located in the gable with a window and small balcony, offers great scenic charm. Similarly, the basement can be transformed into a small apartment for a family member or a room for teenagers and their friends. If your home does not have a basement, it is not too late to consider the option. As an extension, it can take the form of an additional floor if the space does not allow enlargement of the building ground.

The experts at YP Renovations will ensure that your project is impeccably implemented and will surpass your expectations.