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Doors and windows

With access to enter residential, commercial or other, doors and windows represent some discontinuity in regard to the building's envelope. This implies natural aeration to flow from within.

By controlling the interior and exterior traffic airway, dramatically improving your comfort and safety, it's important to choose the adequate materials. They can vary from steel, aluminum, wood, PVC, to name a few and the exterior doors are an important part of home security and architectural aspect.

Like doors, windows are mainly composed of the same materials creating an esthetic and uniform look. (Plexiglas, triple thermos, laminated, or regular glass etc.)

Demanding meticulous installation, doors and windows require the best opening and closing mechanism for the long run. A simple variation in temperature as well as poor installation can require some adjustments. This is important for energy cost as well.

RenovationYP offers the best advice choosing materials while respecting your needs, preferences and budget. We ensure impeccable installation and adjustment of your doors and windows giving you peace of mind for years to come.