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Walls and Finishing

Essential in all buildings, walls are synonymous with safety, protection, preservation of privacy and the boundary between various activities. While some walls create only a divide, others are structural. Any removal, renovation, addition or relocation of walls requires time and reflection. Expertise is required to ensure there are no errors during the process. Adding openings or doors in walls is more complex than simply cutting a hole; it must be done according to specifications especially when wires or pipelines are hidden within.

Several materials are used for building the structure of walls but the most common remain wood and steel. Glass or cement blocks, reinforced concrete, metal foils, glass plates on metal or wood framework and steel beams are also used.

Although finishing walls seems simple (brick, granite, panels, paint, wallpaper, ceramic, textured finishes, wood panels, marble, architectural panels, etc.), all have their share of complexity. Not everyone has the expertise to mount a marble tiled wall. The wall must be able to support the weight of stone. The same expertise applies for materials used for a bathroom wall, where there is a high level of humidity.

Partitions must respect certain safety guidelines of the building. Specific consideration needs to be applied to residential concrete walls and stairwells where non-flammable materials are required.

In retail spaces, glass walls are often present to provide visibility to products through store windows. Companies also feature large glass walls throughout their facilities to enlarge the space and give the illusion of spaciousness while allowing for visibility to various areas of operation.

These types of renovations are implemented with ease thanks to the expertise of our specialists who are aware of the difficulties and challenges that can occur throughout the process. Our experts will demonstrate their knowledge in completing your project, while respecting and surpassing the required rules and regulations. Don’t hesitate to trust them with your project!