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Plastering and Jointing

Who wouldn’t want to avoid the tedious task of plastering and filling joints before painting walls? When the task is great, it can also be considered discouraging.

This work must be carried out on all ceilings, walls and on all joints (hence the name ''jointing''). Unfortunately, plastering is not as easy as just applying the plaster and waiting for it to dry before painting.

Many are unaware that in order to improve wall strength, fiberglass joint paper or ribbon is applied under the plaster, which makes the task more delicate. The same method can be applied for corner walls, where we also use joint bands that are malleable but rigid, to support interior and exterior angles. The technique used to achieve these types of joints is not easily acquired.

Sanding and dusting is an annoyance for many. Furniture must be either covered or removed and protective clothing must be worn to avoid suffocation and dust emissions. Specific tools are used by contractors to vacuum-blast waste and specific materials are used to properly cover and protect items that remain in the workspace.

All surfaces require special preparation performed by specialists. Let us perform these tasks as we operate without producing unnecessary dust, while preserving the surrounding areas and the contents of the space.